CutCloud 3.0


CutCloud 3.0

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CutCloud is a webserver application with the ability to combine Columbus™ CAD/CAM nesting data and production data recorded from an ESAB cutting machine. Easy to install, use and maintain, CutCloud can be used on any web-enabled device (e.g. smart phone, pda, tablet, PC, etc.) and reduces the total investment of IT hardware.

The new CutCloud 3.0 version utilizes Microsoft Azure IoT and the ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform from PTC, which respectively allow for on-premise, hybrid and cloud based architectures and functionality to import and visualize machine data.

The web based reporting provides up-to-the-second status information highlighting production and quality concerns to increase overall quality and production performance.

CutCloud allows real time response to plant floor activities, yet only using minimal computing resources. Operates continuously without requiring on-going maintenance or support, improving data quality.

Each functionality group or module can be installed incrementally as you grow, securing your initial investment.


  • Advanced production and quality reporting
  • Fast and reliable data recording and data transfer
  • Customizable reports, scalable functionality
  • Real-time monitoring

ESAB Cutting Software Productivity Advantage Suite

Order Calculation and Handling - Calculate the best price for your customer and maximize your revenue by using true process and machine data. Rapidly process orders for reduced lead time by moving order data to and from ERP automatically.

Import of Geometry/drawing - Import data directly from CAD including 3D weld edge preparation available for SolidWorks, STEP, etc. Import assemblies and complete part information.

Nesting and Plate Management - Get the best cutting technology possible for the best part quality by assigning the right technology settings automatically. Complete flexibility for using parts on different materials and machines. Nest fast saving time and material by using automatic nesting.

Transfer Data to Production - Cutting files, printouts, nesting reports, part labels automatically created and transported to shop floor. Higher production by focusing on the cutting process instead of wasting time chasing paperwork.

Production Efficiency
- Less operator training by automated machine technology setup, push the green button and go. Automated machine data recording and reporting. Real time control and feedback of the production process from outside via network. Machine independent cutting files (e.g., bevel compensation).

Data Collection and Post Calculation - Total process control and data acquisition makes optimal management decisions possible. Full Integration closes the loop completely with controller feedback and reporting back to ERP.


  • Plasma Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting

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