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WeldCloud™ is a secure, robust and scalable welding data analytics platform providing insights to facilitate continuous improvement in welding operations by efficiently tracking key parameters for each weld seam produced.

By connecting power sources to WeldCloud, customers can improve productivity, the ability to manage welding assets, the process of documenting the welding process, and track welding quality.

For legacy ESAB equipment or for other vendors' power sources, the WeldCloud Universal Connector now allows the analysis of the data coming from the entire welding fleet, all managed from one central location.


  • Near-real-time data transfer occurs with wireless or wired transmission, capturing welding and system condition data concurrently from multiple systems
  • The scanning application for mobile devices can now automate the process of logging wire, gas, part number, operator or nearly any other parameter you wish to track
  • Data can be analysed from power sources in multiple areas and even from multiple sites. This analysis can be done from any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet
  • Bi-directional communication to pull in procedures and schedules, consumables usage and confirm machine setup
  • WeldCloud Universal Connector allows nearly any power source to be connected to WeldCloud. View your ESAB and other vendors’ power sources data all in one intuitive user interface
  • Optimal security from all angles: data storage, access, user control and remote diagnostics
  • Benefits a range of stakeholders: operations managers, service technicians, welding engineers, quality control staff, training supervisors, and others


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  • Offshore
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Tillbehör : WeldCloud™
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