ESAB University

Since Oscar Kjellberg’s invention of the covered welding electrode in 1904, ESAB has played an integral part in the discovery and development of more commonly accepted welding processes than any other company. The wealth of information that ESAB has to share with the welding and cutting industries is unmatched.

ESAB University includes valuable information from this unparalleled body of welding and cutting knowledge.

Browse our educational materials below.

All-State Welding HandbookAll-State Welding Handbook
Find out more about All-State Welding products and the maintenance and repair field. 

Arc Welding Technology CourseArc Welding Technology Course
An introduction to the basics of arc welding.

Filler Metal HandbookFiller Metal Handbook
ESAB invented the stick electrode and cored wire electrode. Find out here how to make the proper product selection, best welding practices and much more.

MIG Welding HandbookMIG Welding Handbook
It is simple to choose the equipment, wire electrode, shielding gas, and welding conditions capable of producing high-quality welds at a low cost. Find out how.

Oxy-Fuel Cutting HandbookOxy-Fuel Cutting Handbook
Find out more about oxy-fuel cutting.

Sub Arc Welding HandbookSub Arc Welding Handbook
This Submerged Arc Welding Handbook has been prepared by ESAB Welding & Cutting Products for shop foremen, welding engineers and other supervisory personnel.